Digital Props

Events should run smooth, and so should their photo booths. No need for cluttered chaos with our fun + friendly lineup of instant digital props. We utilize face detection technology to master the art of enhancement with an assortment of playful digital props. Are you a mover and shaker? No worries. Our digital props track movement to follow facial features like the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

Online Gallery

Parties are about living in the moment, and our Galleries keep all of your photos in one safe and secure cloud. In just seconds after Social Pixel captures your best angles, guests receive a text or email link to share their personal happy moments instantly on social media, or they can catch all of the action in real-time and save the sharing for later.


Green Screen

Make your guests feel like the Master of Ceremonies with an exciting variety of self-select background options that they can see and choose in real-time. Our digital green screens are completely customizable, allowing you to capture the essence of your experience, and are loaded with a number of branding options so that guests can reminisce for years to come.

Lead Capture

Staying in touch has never been easier. Social Pixel’s built-in lead capture collects and sorts the crucial marketing data without ever pestering your guests. It’s seamless. Each guest who chooses to receive their instant image simply opts-in using their mobile number or email and returns to enjoy their experience. It’s easy breezy for them, and super rewarding for you.

Live Feed

Every guest should feel like a rock star, and what’s better than seeing yourself on the big screen? Social Pixel’s Live Feed allows partygoers to watch all of the action on a real-time image grid of the latest photos, projected to a wall or displayed on television screens. The best part? The Live Feed can be used for special messaging or advertising, all rotating between the photo cycles. The branding possibilities are endless, and everybody is a part of the fun.

Hooked yet? Let’s get started.

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